Sunday, 23 May 2010

nail varnish ect.

so i went shopping yesterday, saturday, and picked up a few bits in Primark, not very interesting at all ! And also went to Boots :)

pastel nail polishes, heard alot about that just haven't actually gone out to buy or try any..... until yesterday.

i popped into Boots and they had a 3 for 2 offer on so how could i resist ! I ended up buying 3 nail polishes. One of the new barry m nail paints, the ice cream shades and 2 of the models own nail polishes.

i got Berry ice cream (barry m £2.95) Nude beige (models own £5) and Jade stone (models own £5) initial thoughts ?

berry ice cream

i liked the look of this in the bottle, now I'm not the biggest fan of lilac but something there's something about this that intrigued me. Now im really not too sure on it now that i have it and have tried it on, it's VERY sheer, so two coats no doubt! but im really not sure on the colour its alot darker and brighter than i would have thought, i may just wear one coat ? Barry m really is good value for money, it's definitely worth a go and the colour range is so good, so i would say it was a good buy.

Jade stone (models own)

this is a mint-ish green, really nice in the bottle and i quite like it on my nails too. i reckon i could make it work. it's a thick polish, which i like, you could go with just one coat would definitely work, but oh my god does it smell awful ! i really don't like the smell, yeah nail varnishes do smell bad but there's something weird about this smell, it's SO strong !

Nude beige (models own)

when i saw this i fell in love, nude, perfect ! it really is what it says in the name and i actually love it. depending on how 'nude' you want your nails you could go with one coat, i opted for two but i think i may go for three ? now this has the same problem as Jade stone, the smell. it smells really bad, like cheap nail varnish and that's a little off putting, but the colour of this one compensates for that. IN LOVE WITH THIS, GO LOOK AT IT !!! :)

And that is pretty much it really.
Thanks muchly, hope i don't bore anyone ! x

Saturday, 22 May 2010

what to blog about ?

so im thinking im'a blog about beauty and fashion and stuff as im into that kinda thing ?
so yeahh here goesss :)