Sunday, 25 July 2010


i do realise that i don't blog very often but hey ho!
i have only just had the energy to blog about this, i went to bed at half past 8 last night!
i went out friday night and just thought i'd share with you what i wore!?

it is abit far but you can get the jist of things!
top, skirt, belt, necklace - little cheapo, primark!
bangles - mixture, primark, newlook and other random places.
shoes - the loves of my life, office, they are a beauty!

i got them from the office shop on ebay for £25
so worth it, they are ridiculously comfortable, 
best £25 i've spent in a while. 
(sorry about the crappy quality picture!)

aren't they pretty?!

but yes it was a rather good night, 
i will leave you with a picture when we both still looked good! 

anyone get up to anything interesting this weekend ?
x x x