Saturday, 5 June 2010

In and Out n.1

this is my first in and out blog, it will most probably be a mixture of everything really !


my bag,
i loveeeeee this, i got it on ebay, it's vintage, from the 1970's.
i really like this colour for the summer, it may not be 'on trend' but i love it none the less !

Barry M Lip Paint,
147 peachy pink, no doubt my favourite lipstick/paint (whatever you want to call it)
not much else to say about this other than i love it !

Models Own Nude Beige,
has to be like one of my favourite nail vanrish's at the moment, i'm the kinda person that HAS to wear nail varnish at all times ! so when i where this i feel like i am but i'm not, i have to say, i am liking the nude look !

N.Y.C nail enamel,
it doesnt have a name but it is my favourite nail varnish EVER !it's a pale candy-ish pink, alot paler once on your nails. i have loved this since the day i saw it. . in two coats you've got the perfect colour.
i think i wore this colour for about 2 months straight, now that's pure love right there ! maybe do something in more detail about this ?

the weather,
it has been so nice out the past 3 days, SO GOOD !
i really do love the sun, it just makes everything seem better.
mmmmmmmm gorgeous weather, i'd say it's been around 22-24 degrees out lately, but thats just a guestimation ?!

a random picture of me enjoying the sun :)


Sephora body lotion,
it smells AMAZING ! canrberry and lychee, so good. But it's so runny and watery and to be honest that really puts me off using it. it was given to me in a set as a gift, i've tried to use it but maybe it's time to put it away ?

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara,
i bought this because i ran out of my maybelline pulse perfection vibrating mascara and i didn't really want to fork out £15 again, i'm only a 17 year old college student with no job ! so i thought i'd give this a try maybe it'll be alright.
hmmmm i was a little wrong, it does nothing for my lashes, it's supposed to seperate lashes and not clump them but all i get is lashes that look like they;ve been glued together ! it's very black, a good colour, but again another downside, it takes foreverrrrrrr to dry, so i end up with mascara all along my eye lids, not a good look at all !

hope i didn't bore you too much :)
Sofiaa x

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  1. I need to try a few of those products.They sound great.So i need to start saving up.
    A great blog you got going on here.

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